We provide a variety of services designed around your comfort and well being as top priority, including phenomenal full body relaxation rubs that will leave you on cloud 9! We also provide our very own Nirvana Sessions, in which your specialist will be adding a more sensual tone to your session, dressed in bikini or lingerie, adding an exciting touch to an already very pleasant experience!

We are pleased to pronounce that we are now offering full  non-wax-body-scaping services as well! Body-scaping is the professional removal of your unwanted body hair in any of the areas you desire! Let us help you to take your personal grooming to the next level. If you haven't already begun the body-scaped lifestyle, you will thank yourself and wonder why you waited so long to try it! Feel free to give us a shout by calling, texting or emailing today!!


Our Relaxation Sessions will help you escape the stress of daily life, and are completely tailored to each individual client's preference so that every time you come, we are making progress in achieving your own lasting heightened spiritual, physical and mental positive state! With these sessions, the client will be fully undressed with draping over glutes being optional, and draping over private area being required when laying on your back. We set the mood with ambient music, professional massage tables, top of the line unscented professional massage lotions, as well as an optional upgrade to our very own special blends of diffused essential oils to enhance the benefit of your session! Your specialist will be clothed in form fitting comfort wear. we provide you with a phenomenal and accommodating full-body rub from scalp to toes, front and back including glutes, inner thighs and feet if preferred. Hot towels are available upon request as well!

  • 2 hand: 60 mins $70/ 90 mins $110/ 120 mins $140
  • 4 hands: 60 mins $140/ 90 mins $220/ 120 mins $280


Nirvana Image 1.jpg

Nirvana sessions are our most popular Sessions! With beautiful specialists who are experienced in the art of Reiki, Swedish technique and Relaxation Rubs, as well as 4 hand symmetry, tending to your body to bring you complete mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation! Client will be fully undressed with draping with a small towel being optional over the glutes, and required over private areas when on your back. Your specialist will be wearing sexy lingerie or bikinis and providing a more sensual tone to your already awesome session. Come find out why Nirvana Sessions are making us the most popular Spa in Middle Tennessee!!!

  • 2 hand: 60 min - $125.00/ 90 mins - $175.00/ 120 mins - $225.00
  • 4 hands: 60 mins - $250.00/ 90 mins - $350.00/ 120 mins - $450.00



(One specialist per party)

(Currently, we can accommodate for one specialist per party only) 

  • 60 mins - $140.00
  • 90 mins - $220.00

Full Body-scaping

(Non-wax body hair removal, skin conditioning and aftercare treatment)

Ready to take your personal grooming to the next level? At The Comfort Zone, we offer professional full body-scaping services for male and female clients who want to remove that unwanted body hair professionally, but who prefer not to use the wax method. While waxing is effective and can last longer, we all know it can also be an unnecessarily painful experience to endure, and we have the perfect alternative! Here, we will use only the best razors, trimmers, and/or depilatory hair removal products to help bring you to a level of comfort and personal grooming that you will love yourself even more for achieving! While some spas simply use alcohol to "sanitize" their equipment, our products and equipment is always regularly replaced and sanitized properly using Barbicide, which will actually protect against many viruses, bacteria and germs that alcohol will not. You can trust us to take care of your elevated personal grooming needs, as we understand and appreciate the importance of your well being while embarking on your new lifestyle journey! All body-scaping sessions also include skin conditioning treatment using premium organic aftercare products to provide lasting comfort as well as to prevent any irritation, razor bumps, etc.. Bring your body to us and we'll upgrade you!!!

scaping image 1.jpg

RATES: ($10 discount off any of our body scaping sessions when you bring your own razors, must have at least 5 blades)*

NOTE: Due to differing body hair styles and textures, all body-scraping services are priced to a maximum time limit, and if services are completed before the time limit, we cannot add or trade outtime for other services



  • Chest/abdomen - up to 30 mins - $40.00*

(Covers front side of body, from shoulders and arms to waistline)


  • Upper/lower back- up to 30 mins - $45.00*

(Covers back side of body, from nape of neck and arms to waistline)



  • Pelvic area only-up to 30 mins - $60.00*

(Covers groin area only, without spreading, or lifting private parts, no testicular hair removal)


  • Glutes only-up to 30 mins - $75.00*

(Covers outer gluteus area, without spreading)



  • Full lower body [includes glutes, pelvic area, and legs] -up to 60 mins - $130.00*


  • Full Bodyscape [includes all areas except face and head for up to 1.5 hours] - $200.00*


  • Full Bodyscape + 60 min relaxation session package [Includes trimming or shaving of all areas except face and head plus a 60 minute Relaxation Session, up to 2.5 hours total time]  - $269.00*
  • Full Body-Scaping Session + 60 min Nirvana Session [Includes trimming or shaving of all areas except face and head plus a 60 minute Nirvana Session, up to 2.5 hours total time] - $299.00*

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